How It Works

Expand your knowledge base

Unleash the Knowledge and Expertise You Need with Our Comprehensive Training Programs.

Master Pay Equity Frameworks, Navigate Legal Regulations, Develop Effective Communication Strategies, and Gain Proficiency in Measuring and Tracking.

Equip yourself with the skills to drive fair and inclusive practices, mitigate risks, and achieve tangible results.

Enroll now and empower your organization for success. Unlock the tools and knowledge that will propel you forward. Get started today and unleash your potential.

How It Works

Certification Programs

Introducing Individual and Corporate Fair Pay Certifications: Empowering Equality in Compensation.

Individual Fair Pay Certification: Take control of your career, advocate for fair compensation, and achieve professional satisfaction with our program. Gain skills to assess your own pay equity and negotiate effectively for fair wages.

Corporate Fair Pay Certification: Drive positive change within your organization, attract top talent, and foster inclusivity. Assess pay practices, address inequities, and implement strategies for fair compensation. Stand out as a leader in promoting equality.

Join us in creating a future of fair pay. Empower yourself and your organization for success. Enroll now and be part of the movement towards equitable compensation. Together, we can make a difference.

Benefits of a Pay Equity Certification

Discover the Power of Pay Equity Certification:

  1. Foster Inclusion: Achieve our certification to demonstrate your commitment to fairness and equality, fostering an inclusive culture that boosts employee satisfaction and productivity.

  2. Attract Top Talent: Stand out as an employer of choice by prioritizing pay equity, attracting highly skilled candidates who value diversity and equal opportunity.

  3. Mitigate Risks: Proactively address pay disparities to comply with equal pay laws and protect your organization's reputation.

Unlock the benefits of pay equity certification to drive success, attract talent, and cultivate a workplace where everyone thrives. Contact us today.


Pay Equity Certification

We built speakTu to deliver key insights into the pay across company organizations.

Join the growing number of organizations dedicated to pay equity. Our Pay Equity Certification enhances your reputation, attracts top talent, and contributes to a more equitable society. Take charge of your organization’s future today. Contact us to get started!

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