Pay Equity

People, Data, Impact

Knowledge is power. SpeakTu workforce platform analyzes your data to give you key insights into your most important part of the business your people.

We work together with our clients to give them knowledge through drill down reporting that includes awareness within pay equity for gender, age, ethnicity, promotions, job classifications and many more features. We identify risk and help our clients mitigate that risk.

About Us

Who We Are

We begin this journey looking for transparency for employees. We believe that people should be compensated for their skills regardless of their gender or ethnicity. We are DEI and Talent Leaders who love our jobs and care for our people. 

We didn't start out wanting to create pay equity software. But as we continued the journey of improvement we noticed preferences (biases) and pay concern. Norma Marquez and Matt Cheek came together to create SpeakTu. Even the name SpeakTu denotes our desire to provide info to "you" the user incorporating "Tu" the Spanish word for you.


When you join the Waitlist, we’ll start sending you more DEI-related content and information about speakTu, like our data analytics philosophy. So you can get to know us better.


We Help

Benefits of Pay Equity Certification

As part of the Pay Equity Certification, our speakTu team will work with your clients to identify a strategy for pay equity analysis that meets compliance requirements for both state and federal agencies.


Our Partners

As part of the Pay Equity Certifications the speakTu team  and federal agencies.

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